Alex Luger

Background – Experience

During the last 20 years of climbing and adventure travels, I experienced multiple life-threatening situations. Those moments afforded decisions. In the beginning, the outcomes of those decisions relied on very instinctual acting. With time, I learned to choose a more responsible and deliberate approach to solving the problems occurring during climbing. My mindset shifted from reacting to a preventive acting system. Now I profit from this base of experience.

From the beginning, climbing has been the fuel for the reflections on my existence and the search for how I can live my life closest to the person to who I am.

You can book different formats of lectures and workshops, from the filling evening program to short and informative business talks. The events can be booked in English and German.

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Multimedia, slideshows and talks.

Climbing And Adventure Talks

In my multimedia talks, I take you on a journey to exotic places and foreign cultures, to remote mountains and first ascents. You get the opportunity to dive with me and through my understanding of the world into the cosmos of climbing and why it’s so addictive and satisfying.

Mental Health and awareness Talks

Mental health and Climbing how does this fit? To be in a strong and balanced state of mind is the base to explore the world and the vertical. Over my studies in psychotherapy, I gain a lot of profound scientific knowledge on topics concerning mental health. In my talks, I focus on the influential factors of mental health and how to strengthen its components when outbalanced. I will build a bridge between existential climbing experiences and how they interact with mental health. The aim of these talks is to provide the listeners with impulses on how to build up positive sources and how to transfer them to other areas of life.


I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge of climbing with others. Topics in my workshops reached from getting insights into the soft skills of climbing like: how to approach a climb in terms of mental preparation and the right tactics. Which objective to choose fitting on my personal abilities, what gear is needed, time management, etc. And then I offer workshops including the hard skills climbing affords like: Training in climbing technique, management of protection during a climb, how to increase the climbing level, and much more…

I feel very close to nature, I think we are still very connected to it. I feel peace and satisfaction out there. For me climbing, being outdoors, feeling the power and the pulse of nature is reality. Facebook doesn’t feel real to me, climbing out of a storm feels real, safety and danger are real and that’s something very fundamental. Having the chance as a human being to expose myself to feel the outcomes of the decisions me and my climbing partner have taken is more natural, more human than posting daily emotions on social media.

Alex Luger

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